How does acupuncture work to decrease scar pain?

Scar tissue forms after deep trauma to the dermis. The pain related to scar tissue can be chronic and debilitating.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, scar tissue causes local qi and blood stagnation which lead to pain. Acupuncture can reduce pain, increase range of motion, lessen pressure on internal organs and promote circulation. Studies show that acupuncture may provide a good answer to scar pain relief. 

What modalities are used for the scar treatments?

We utilize acupuncture as our main modality to treat not only the scar but the entire system. We also use microneedling to treat the local area along with guasha and cupping. Red light therapy is a great addition and can be very beneficial as it speeds up the healing process and encourages the production of collagen and elastin. Depending on the scar, we may utilize topical herbs and liniments as well. 

When is the right time to receive scar therapy?

Ideally you’ll want your scar to be fully healed before we work on it. However, we can provide supportive treatments to speed the recovery process. Normally we wait around 4-6 months for a full-spectrum scar treatment. 

Can I get treatments to prepare for an upcoming surgery?

Yes you can. Acupuncture can help prepare your body for the trauma it will experience during surgery. We would love to work with you through the time preparing for surgery and during your recovery to fully support your body and the healing process. 

Is there any reason I shouldn’t get scar therapy?

There are some rare cases where scar therapy is not appropriate. If you have a tendency to form keloid scars, we would want to avoid some of our modalities so please be sure to communicate this to your practitioner. We would also want to avoid treatment if you are pregnant, have a bleeding disorder or slow wound healing which can occur with diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus. Always communicate with your practitioner if you are taking medications or are experiencing any of the previously mentioned situations.