What are the benefits of Massage Therapy?

  • Alleviates pain & tension
  • Calms nervous system 
  • Accelerates healing process 
  • Improves immune function

What should I expect during my first massage visit?

Your treatment begins with a brief intake with your massage therapist where you will have an opportunity to discuss your goals, preferences and any concerns. Any information that was not included on the intake form can be addressed at this time. They will then step out of the room to allow you privacy to dress down and get comfortable on the table. Once your massage therapist returns, your treatment will begin. During the session, they will check in periodically to make sure you are comfortable and content with the pressure but please don’t hesitate to express any preferences or needs throughout the service. All massage treatments include complimentary aromatherapy and steamed towels. At the conclusion of your service, you will again have privacy to re-dress and a chance to go over any questions or findings before checking out. 

When should I avoid getting a massage?

Massage therapy is generally safe for most people but for some with certain medical conditions, massage is contraindicated (should be avoided). Some common examples of contraindications are:

  • fever
  • contagious diseases
  • contagious skin conditions
  • active infections
  • blood clots
  • recent surgery 
  • acute injury 
  • first trimester of pregnancy 
  • high risk pregnancy 
  • Some heart and circulatory conditions may be contraindicated or have certain precautions. 

*If you are undergoing cancer treatment or have a known heart condition, please consult with your medical doctor prior to scheduling an appointment. 

There are many other conditions not listed above that are contraindicated for massage therapy. If you are unsure if massage is safe for you, please contact your medical doctor prior to scheduling an appointment.

What are the differences between Swedish, Deep Tissue and Hot Stone?

A Swedish massage is intended for complete relaxation. Using long, slow strokes and fluid movements, your mind/body systems can unwind to create total harmony. Pressure can range from light to firm and any problem areas can be addressed if needed. 

Deep tissue massage is increasingly needed in today’s society. This type of massage works the deeper muscle layers to ease chronic tension. After warming up the tissue, slow, deep intentional strokes are applied using the elbow and forearm. Recommended for those with postural dysfunction, injury recovery and chronic pain/tension, among other things. 

Hot stone massage is the ultimate indulgence. Basalt stones are warmed and covered with oil then used to massage the body along with Swedish massage techniques. Achieve deep relaxation with this age old treatment. 

How often should I get massage?

How frequently you should receive a massage depends on your health and lifestyle. Those under high stress, involved in intense activities or recovering from injuries should seek weekly or biweekly massage. If you are looking to enhance overall wellness, once per month will likely suit your needs. 

How should I prepare for my visit and what is the aftercare?

Make sure you are hydrated and have had a small snack prior to your massage. Please come with clean skin and avoid using lotion or topical creams. 

It is important to arrive a few minutes early to ensure we start your appointment on time. We will do our best to accommodate your full time if you are late but out of respect for our other guests, may have to end at the scheduled time. 

After your massage it is very important to drink plenty of water especially if you’ve had a deep tissue massage. This will help to flush toxins that are released during the massage. Follow any self care instructions from your massage therapist which may include stretching, exercises and self massage. Plan to have a calm, stress free day to continue your relaxation.