What modalities are used for a holistic hair restoration treatment?

We utilize microneedling along with red light therapy, cosmetic acupuncture, and topical herbs to address hair loss while balancing the body and treating the underlying causes.

How does microneedling work to treat hair loss?

Microneedling works by creating controlled micro injuries to the dermis leading to a healing reaction. Growth factors are released during this healing reaction that are thought to stimulate new stem cells in the hair follicles that may lead to new growth.

Why is it important to use cosmetic acupuncture alongside microneedling for hair restoration?

Acupuncture can reduce hair follicle inflammation. When the hair follicle becomes inflamed, it prevents hair from being able to grow. Acupuncture increases blood flow to the head and scalp resulting in an ideal environment for new hair growth and nutrient absorption. Acupuncture also works to balance the body and can be used to treat underlying patterns contributing to hair loss.

How should I prepare for my hair restoration treatment?

You’ll want to come in with a clean scalp. Avoid hair products on the day of your treatment. This will ensure that you reap the most benefits from the procedure.

What should I expect from a treatment?

Each treatment will last around an hour. It will begin with cleaning the scalp or area you would like stimulated for hair growth. This disinfecting process will include a topical herbal spray followed by 10 minutes of blue light therapy. We will then begin the microneedling which will last around 20 minute depending on the chosen area. The treatment will finish with 15 minutes of red light therapy.

How many treatments will I need and how long will the results last?

The number of treatments will vary depending on the health of your scalp or chosen area and the severity of hair loss. Treatments can be done every two weeks with cosmetic acupuncture treatments done weekly between sessions. The acupuncture treatments will include both body and scalp points and are an integral part of the process. We recommend starting with one series of treatments although some cases may require additional sessions.